Iberian Horses at the Cranleigh Show

Sunday 1st August 1999

A Class Act - Hilary Linnett and her Stallion 'Juno'

After last year's excellent class for ridden Lusitano and Spanish Purebred Horses it has to be said that the turnout in 1999 was rather disappointing, certainly in terms of quantity. It really is important for everyone to support shows that are prepared to lay on these 'specialist' classes. Cranleigh also allows for a Grand Parade in the main arena, which is a promotional opportunity for these breeds. However, if sufficient competitors do not turn out for the show classes then the show organisers could hardly be blamed for having a change of heart. Hopefully that is not on the agenda but a further decline in numbers could force such a decision. Without the inclusion of part-breds the situation would have been much worse and, in fact, the only purebred winner was Hilary Linnett's all-conquering Lusitano stallion, Juno. (See report on the Lusitano Breed Show.)

Tony Fox, judging the class, did his best to sort the competitors into groups, since they were all in the ring together. Pure or Partbred Lusitanos and Spanish horses were judged first in correct Portuguese or Spanish dress. Sadly only two competitors came forward, one of whom was Hilary who gave her usual flawless display on Juno to take the class.

Annette Wykes was delighted with the performance of her six-year-old Micante who won the Pure or Partbred Lusitano section, English style (in which she finished second last year). This most attractive little horse is actually Lusitano x Andalusian and is still improving all the time. He has, in theory at least, been 'for sale' since last year but as time goes by, and Micante continues to progress, she is naturally less inclined to let him go!

Annette Wykes and 'Micante'

Annette was thrilled recently to have traced Micante's dam, Alondra, in England. Originally brought into the UK by Georgina Sinclair the mare was of pure 'Terry' breeding but had not been graded. She was in time sold to a farmer in Devon who was supposedly going to give her a 'good home' and to breed from her. However, in response to enquiries he admitted that he had sold her to someone 'up North' and refused to give any further details. To all intents and purposes Alondra had disappeared. To her immense delight, Annette was approached by someone at the Lusitano Breed Society Show who announced that she owned Micante's dam! Apparently Alondra had been sold by the farmer to a trekking centre in Devon (a purpose for which she had proved most unsuitable!), happily being rescued by her current owner - who even more co-incidentally lives only a few miles from Annette. A joyous reunion between Micante and his dam is now being planned! ... … But back to the show! ……

'Othello' with Kathy Babb

Kathy Babb was placed 2nd to Annette, riding the golden dun Othello, a three-quarter bred. Only a four-year-old, he showed his inexperience in the ring, since standing in line proved to be quite a strain on him mentally. Nevertheless he also showed promise. This is a very nice young horse and one that is surely going to make his presence felt in the future.

In the section for pure or partbred Spanish horses, English dress, it was the partbred who triumphed! Mrs Fewster's striking grey Cariña has been well placed at shows over the last year and on this occasion stood over Pauline Unsted's well-known mares, Caña, the '98 National Champion in-hand and Champion Ridden Mare, and Samsara. Cariña is a Spanish x Welsh and was ridden by Debbie Moore.

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