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Book Review

Understanding Laminitis: Your Guide to Horse Health Care and Management
By Ric Redden, DVM
Published by The Blood Horse Inc. from the Horse Health Care Library.

Understanding Laminitus

A simply written book full of technical information that would be of benefit to both the novice horse owner and the equestrian expert. The author is qualified as a veterinarian and a farrier; in 1983 he opened his International Equine Podiatry centre, the only centre in the world devoted exclusively to foot care in the United States.

The book covers every aspect of the disease of laminitis and gives practical and technical advice on prevention, management and treatment.

The 'At a Glance' cubes of information summarise the main points of most chapters, and are very useful. The reference to home made devices seemed completely incomprehensible, without diagrams and, I would suggest, dangerous to employ if mis-understood.

On the whole, however, the layout and explanations are easy to understand and follow. The book has an upbeat attitude to the treatment and shoeing of the laminitic horse.

by Carol A Stops
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